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Included Hosting Services

Our all-inclusive turnkey solutions include extremely fast and reliable hosting services. Your website and email will be hosted on load balanced our servers in redundant data centers for maximum availability. We use only the latest blindlingly fast servers with 32 processor cores and hotswappable RAID 10 disk arrays.

Your site will always be there and be there fast!

Our servers are located in one of the largest tier-1 datacenters with redundant Internet backbone connections, including Abovenet, Verio/NTT, Internap and SAVVIS.

Included in your package

Disk space 5,000 MB [ upgradeable ]
Monthly traffic 50,000 MB [ upgradeable ]
Backup Automated daily and weekly backups
Domain registration 1 FREE registration or transfer
Subdomains 10 subdomains each with FTP access.

Subdomains are a way of creating separate accounts within your main account. It is accessed through a separate URL in the form of 'http://subdomain.domainname'.

This represents a sub folder within the public_http level of your account and you can create e-mail accounts with the subdomain extension.

Subdomains are often used to make the access to subdirectories easier by simply typing in a shorter domain name rather than the full domain name and directory names.
Parked domains 50 free [ what is a parked domain ]

This allows you to point multiple domain names to the same website. For example,, and can all point to the same location.

However,it can NOT point to a folder on the main domain. Additionally, it does not have any FTP features.

Notice that the price listed for domain pointers does NOT include domain name registration fees.
Multi-site hosting Unique add-on domains for individual listings [upgradeable]

An addon Domain is a secondary domain name that points to a folder(subdirectory) within the main hosting account.

Example: will show the files actually in

An addon domain will act like a full account; you can create sub-domains, email accounts, and FTP accounts directly from the cPanel for your addon domains.

There will be no private cpanel logins for addon domains.

Notice that the price listed for addon domains includes domain name registration fees.
Design tools support DreamWeaver, MS FrontPage, Adobe GoLive and others
NEW: Upload/Download files securely using SSL
Email 100 email boxes
Unlimited email auto responders
Unlimited email forwarders
Unlimited email filters
Spam Filter
SMTP, POP3 and IMAP support
Ajax powered webmail interface
NEW: Optional Google Apps for your private domain
Developing features Perl, PHP 5, SSI + Client side scripting [Flash, CSS, Ajax, ..etc]
Data base Up to 5 of MySQL 5 data bases + PHPmyAdmin
Servers type Centos OS [ Linux ] with Apache 2.2 web server
8 Intel® Quad-core Xeon® CPUs @ 2.27GHz, with 12GB RAM

Paid Add-Ons

Extra 500 mb disk space $3.00/month
Extra monthly traffic $2.00/month for every 10 gb transfer
Addon unique domain with website for individual listings $49.95/year
Domain registration $14.95/year
Dedicated IP $1.00/month
128 bit SSL certificate $36/year, including dedicated IP

IMPORTANT: Certain functions are not allowed on servers like mailing lists and shell access. Kindly understand that we do not allow any type of mass emailing scripts to be run from our servers, please check our Terms of Service page for full details.

* All prices shown are in Canadian dollars and packages are based on a 12 month pre-paid plan.